Monday, 9 November 2009

Get Ahead. Get…

“It was astonishing how fashionable it was to be unfaithful. He often wondered if it was anything to do with going without a hat. No sooner had the homburgs and and the bowlers disappeared from The City than everyone grew their hair longer, and after that nothing was sacred.”

Beryl Bainbridge, Injury Time (1977)

“He's bought a hat like Anthony Eden's
Because it makes him feel like a Lord
But he can't afford a Rolls or a Bentley
He has to buy a secondhand Ford
He tries to feed his wife and his family
And buy them clothes and shoes they can wear
But he's bought a hat like Anthony Eden's
So he don't care”

Ray Davies, She Bought a Hat Like Princess Marina (1969)

Pic shot in the finest gentlemen’s outfitter in London: Hornet’s of Kensington

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