Monday, 23 November 2009

Support Your Local Pub…

(Pictured) Death Near Deptford: the corpse of The Victoria rotting in full view down Woolwich way

"Brick Lane, in east London, once had no fewer than 20 pubs. The names – The Frying Pan, The Duke's Motto, The Jolly Butchers – are redolent of a former era, but apart from the derelict Seven Stars next to a mosque, all have found a new use. Three are Asian restaurants, two are cafés, one is a hairdresser, there's a clothes shop, and one hosts a money transfer facility. In keeping with this trend, the restaurant chain Nando's has converted seven London pubs and two in the provinces into food outlets."

The Independent, July 2009

(Tips on how to mobilise the troops if your local is threatened with closure can be found at

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  1. I loved this blog. I miss London. I wrote a blog on the History of the Pubs.In my neighborhood in Bayswater, there was a pub every other corner.